Monday, August 27, 2007

Yesterday's Highlights vol.1 - Rod Stewart

The day pretty much started with the best lunch evar. I got a call from LZ and he suggested Thai, I quickly agreed and showered and got my ass in gear. "Tank" ( my roomate is a driver by trade - more stories later ) arrived home just as I was finishing getting ready and shortly after a quick session I was whisked away to Thai food being chauffered in a new 2007 Crystler, I cant remember the model but it was the one that looks like a bentley. I sit with the 2 that I was joining RIGHT as the food was arriving. The meal was delicious ( I recomend Jai Thai on broadway ) and to top it off LZ paid as to repay a previous lunch I had bought him.... pretty much a damn finest lunch.

Work was damn slow but had a few moments.

At 8pm or so I was out having a smoke and as I am heading back inside a cab pulls up and I make note of the passenger ( I was hoping it was the girls ) Shortly after this guy comes into the bar..... He will now be refered to as "Rod Steward". Rod is I'd guess late 50's, Shaggy blond hair, wearing leather pants and a red button-down leopard print shirt that is somehow "shiney"..... and to top it off he speaks with a terrible brittish accent. Sometimes I love the bowling alley.

Rod: "aye man.... whan does kerry-okie start??"
Me: " 9:30ish"
Rod "Right-o mate"

And proceeds to leave..and I proceed to tell my server, my customers, and my karaoke hostess about this guy in the hopes he'll come back and break out an amazing rendition of Mandy. Only thing is when he returns around 10 he is completely shitfaced. Knowing that Rod cabbed it and wasnt driving, I decided to amuse myself. I'd be willing to serve him even though he probably shouldnt have anymore. The funnier part is when he orders a Mike's hard cranberry and a shot of Absolute Mandarin(which he sips!) Despite the lounge being next to empty, this guy proceeds to talk to every one in there and decides to give good positive feedback to everyone singing at all times, drive the hostess nuts and Proceed to hit on "Bess" While her son is singing "I will do anything for love, but I wont do that by Meatloaf.(Bess is late 40's, comes in with her "midly slow" son and will sing country songs about Jesus, while sipping one cup of coffee the entire night - Not my favourite customer) After another sipper of Mandarin I decide that I dont think he should have anymore and he promptly leaves after his first and last song of the night which was Major Tom sung completey out of time and at the top of his offkey lungs.

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