Friday, April 2, 2010

file Under Anecdotes pt. 20. The end.

So I was intrigued last February as I was reading Erik Ellestads' writings on the Sazerac. 28 days in a row is an amazing feat and he gets golfclaps from the peanut gallery.

I decided to try my best to write every time I worked a shift. There were a few days I missed, and once again I overworked myself out of a job. Its a little weird now so I've just been avoiding that block entirely. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. I'll be fully on board at Vessel come mid April, not sure which days just yet.

I am also planning on finally starting my own company. Bottles in Arms.

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erik.ellestad said...

Polite, muffled golf claps from the geek peanut gallery!

I've enjoyed your Anecdotes posts, KL, and look forward to further musings.

Good luck at Vessel and with Bottles in Arms. I really hope to be up to Seattle some time this year, look forward to sharing a drink.