Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drink Well, Just Don't Be a Cheap Bastard!

If your 401(k) has taken a beating, or if you or a spouse or friend have been laid off, or if you’re simply hanging on to your wallet for dear life, you’ve probably given some thought to how the economy is affecting your basic expenditures — such as those you make for booze. Here’s a chance to share how you’re drinking during the downturn; whether it’s affordable booze, ways you’re cutting corners, or things you’ve figured out how to mix or make on the cheap, we need to hear it.

This months roundup will be hosted by Matt @ Rowley's Whiskey Forge

I saw this MxMo listed a few months back and have been dreading writing the post. Not that my 401k needs saving, (that would require a 401k!) but I really hate advocating people putting a price on quality, or giving up quality in favor of price. As much as it pains me, here are a few cost cutting tips.

#1 Stay Home.
Bars cost more than just the booze. There is payroll, overhead, rent, yada, yada, yada. If you are just trying to get buzzed, do some and learn how to make a drink you like in the comfort of your own house.
#2 Buy in Bulk.
If you are going to drink on the cheap, buying a 24 pack of beer is more economical than a 6 or 12.
#3 Split Shots
a 4-5 oz cocktail will usually run you 8-9$. A 2oz shot of anything will be 6-7$ Order a cocktail and divide it in half.
#4 Drink Well Liquor.
Feel free to enjoy that first great cocktail, but if you want to stay in the long haul and save some scratch, drink well beverages like a gin and tonic. It'll go even further if you order it in a tall glass.
#5 Happy Hour
Its cost effective for a reason.

That being said I'm gonna jump on a soapbox and say please continue to go out and support your bars. Tip well and enjoy the bar experience for what it is. In closing I did a variation on the The Suffering Bastard I'm calling...

the Cheap Bastard.

Build in a collins glass. ( In keeping true to cheap, I used a free glass from the old spaghetti factory )
1 oz. Rye
1 oz. Gin
1 oz. Lemon
1/2 oz. Simple
2 dashes Peychauds
top with soda ( ginger beer is expensive! )
Garnish with a whole lemon peel.

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