Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My F.F.

So I've been reading a bunch and doing research, and I kept coming across falernum. Several months back I was visiting the can can on a thursday when Casey and Zach had whipped up a batch, and that night I had my first Corn n' Oil. After a few moar cocktails I was pleading to get a copy of the recipe. As friends we went back and forth and as I fuzzily recall I think I payed 20$ for the recipe, but don't think I payed for the drinks. I've held onto that handwritten recipe on a piece of register tape for a while and it served as the basis for my first attempt.

Since then I've had a smattering of assorted home made recipes and finally did my own over the past 2 nights. I sampled it out and got some very positive feedback.

My First Falernum, or Langmack Falernum #1
you will need:
12 limes zested and juiced
1 bottle 80 proof white rum
dried clove - 2 dry ounces measured in a shotglass, or around 40 whole cloves
1 oz. orgeat
2 oz. Amaretto
3 cups white sugar
1 cup sugar in the raw
ginger root.
4 pints of cold water
large screw top jar ( similar to a maraschino cherry or bar olive jar.)

Combine all ingredients in the large jar except ginger and shake, shake, shake until all the sugar is dissolved. Let rest 24 hours, shaking not constantly, but as often as possible.

I read a bunch on how tricky ginger can be to add to the mix as it has a tendency to be sharp initially and then fade over time. I sidestepped this I think by bottling a fifths worth of the mix and adding a chunk of ginger root about an inch and a half long with all the outer skin removed.

Personal notes:
Been gaming a ton and recovering from a touch of being ill and slicing my pinky wide open on a shattering pint glass while actually cleaning at home. 3 of my friends are moving away and I'm becoming introverted again. I'm looking for work again. I'd love to revamp a bars cocktail program but just finding work is seeming tough these days. Back up to a pack a day when i wanted to quit. Dressing better. Still staying up way too late when I should be sleeping.

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