Monday, April 13, 2009

MxMo : Superior Twists - The Bookers Blazer

So this months MxMo is being held over at The Wild Drink Blog and the topic is Superior Twists

This month’s Mixology Monday is all about twists on classic cocktails, that for one reason or another do an even better job than the drinks upon which they are based.

This could be as simple as a classic Margarita with a dash with a special touch that completes it, or maybe as complicated as a deconstructed Hemingway Daiquiri with a homemade rum foam/caviar/jus/trifle. It might be taking a classic like a Manhattan and using Tequila instead of Bourbon?

I've lately been tackling the blue blazer as its been becoming ever more popular around town and hey, I wanna do em too! Thing is a lot of people aren't fans of scotch and even more so of a peaty cask strength scotch. So this is just basically a twist on the blazer, or even moreso a twist on the prep of a hot toddy. Its sacrilegious to some to vary on a Jeremiah Thomas recipe, but I'll say I like this bourbon version a tad better.


The Bookers Blazer
It is preferred that at least two of these are ordered as more liquid means an easier time pouring and keeping the stream of liquid fire going.
You will need 2 metal containers preferably with angled pours on them. At one bar I use coffee milk steamer tins and another place I use metal water pitchers. If you want to, you can go out and find classic pewter mugs.
2 oz. Bookers Bourbon
Hot Water
Lemon Wedge
1/2 oz Honey Syrup

Fill one metal container with hot water (boiling water works best) Allow the metal container to warm and then transfer hot water to the other metal container as well as the glasses you will be using for the drinks. Add Bookers Bourbon to the first warmed metal container. After the second container and the glass are warmed empty the container and put the water from the glass into the second container. Squeeze lemon wedge and add honey to the glass. Carefully set the Bookers afire and pour about half into the container. Carefully pour the (hopefully) flaming mix between the two containers and hope for a pretty blue stream of fire. Pour into glass and smile.

p.s. cheers to Andrew for the conversation we had at the zig zag, both showing up by ourselves, but sitting down and talking shop for an evening.

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