Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear dude on a first date.

So I'm recently single again and feeling a bit jaded after working V-day again and saw some absolutely awful behavior tonight and wanted to share. I think a bunch of people finally worked up the nerve to ask out that co-worker from the other floor.

A pair sat down, looked over the menu, and the exchange followed...
me: "Anything looking good for ya?"
guy: "What were you having?"
girl: " Can I have a _____"
guy: "Ya, can I have one too? My ex said I ever made decisions, so I decided to have the same as you."

Someone wanted a Spanish Coffee for the fire show, hoping to impress, and failed to realize, that while she slowly sipped a warm, stimulating beverage, he had 3 whiskeys, started slurring, and faded fast.

Dear everyone, I take full responsibility for the grey haired couple making out. That was my fault and it was kinda funny for me.

If you do happen to get stood up on Valentines, its a major bummer, but don't get wasted and start hitting on other peoples dates.

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