Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Buck and Breck.

So last week during thre snowpocalypse, I took some time and re-read David Wondrichs' Imbibe! I stumbled upon what is my favourite cocktail of the moment. Its the Buck and Breck as noted on page 207. I tried making it true to form and wasn't 100% happy with the presentation. I'm hoping that Jerry Thomas doesn't haunt me for the following adjustments.

The Adjusted Buck and Breck.
Now this was originally named after the winning democratic presidential ticket of James Buchanan and John Breckenridge in 1856 and if I wanted to steal the rights to this drink and get it on cocktaildb then I would copyright it 2008 and call it the Bama' & Biden, but I'll give props to the ol' timers and leave well enough be with the adjustments.

The original Buck and Breck: ( from Imbibe! )
fill small bar glass with water and throw if out again, then fill the glass with bar sugar and throw that out leaving the glass apparently frosted inside. Pour in a jigger(1&1/2oz.) of cognac, a dash of absinthe, and two dashes of Agnostura bitters, and fill the glass with cold champagne, then smile.

So in modernizing the recipe, ( who really can fill a glass with sugar and discard it and feel good about themselves? ) I have been enjoying the following...

The Adjusted Buck and Breck
Take a chilled glass and coat the inside with absinthe (a la a sazerac) and discard. Add 2 spoons of sugar and cover the top of glass with yer hand and shake the sugar so it coats the glass. In a pint glass combine 1.5 oz Cognac and 2 dashes of Agnostura( or Boker's if you have it) and stir. Strain the cognac mix into the sugared glass and top with cold champagne.

This is one of the few JT recipes I've seen that DIDN'T call for a twist, so I decided to throw one on just to be snazzy. Smile and

I'm kinda excited, my next post is #100 fot b.i.t.s. and I'm going to do a round-up of my favourite drinks of 2008.

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