Friday, December 5, 2008

Last night was all sorts of unexpected.

First off, vacation is GREAT. I've been awake by by 9am the past 3 days and that is the first time that has happened in a while. Second, I'm hoping this glass of Zacapa gets my head right. I added that and Plymouth Sloe Gin to the homebar yesterday.

There was a bourbon appreciation dinner held last night at my former work haunt sponsored by the fine folks at Alchemy Consulting and while I'd been on the serving side of many a Spur event, last night I was part of the crowd and having a great time. The boss and I had decided to meet up a bit before the event at the Rob Roy (aka Viceroy) for some prefunctionary cocktails and apparently great minds think alike as I sat down next to Murray and waited for the boss to arrive. It really wasn't the slightest bit awkward when he moved down a seat so the boss could sit down. Tara who manages the RR was accompanying so the 4 of us moseyed on down to the gastropub.

We were greeted at the door with delicious manhattans and the best of the best in the cocktail world of Seattle, well, them and half a dozen others who wanted to get you their price list, a lot of hob-nobbing ensued, and the revelry started. I managed to snap this blurry (how appropriate) cameraphone pic of Toby Maloney and Murray Stenson, who were across the table from me.

Somehow I became friends with Jamie B. last night. I jokingly had the 50 loonie spot in my wallet and made the most of it. We shared a cab up to Barrio which was in the midst of its soft open, saw Casey and Keith and don't remember much else. Hope I didn't insult too many people.

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