Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting White'd Out!

First off my apologies to all I've offended tonight.

The past week of blinding blizzards and snowstorms has left the neighborhood and most of Seattle with a strain of cabin fever. Me myself? I haven't gone 6 blocks in a week. im feeling a little smug about not having to go to belltown 3x a week. This has been the most snowfall I remember in my 30 years in town. It's been crazy busy and we've run out of a bit of our hot drink staples, so I've been improving a lot. I'll post some hot recipes soon.

a few snippets that will make sense if the right person sees it:

#! Sorry I woke you up, it was a long night.
#2 Stick it out, things will seem better tomorrow
#3 3$ on a 47$ tab is not ok, no matter how bad our economy is. Stay home and drink.

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