Friday, March 19, 2010

File under Anecdotes, pt 14.

Training Day

So I've been sitting on some exciting news that I can finally talk about.

Today I had my first training shift and starting in April I will be joining the staff at Vessel. Unless this is a very thought out April Fool's day joke.

I am excited to take over some shifts left open by Keith Waldbauer's new opportunities. Who knows.... Maybe he'll have time to start writing again.

Vessel has a big reputation. For canadiasake it was designed by Jamie Bouxeaudreaux

My first time deciding to check out Vessel I was accompanied by my very good friend Dustin ( who is now at a great new bar is San Diego) when we went out on a western shirt themed night.

Upon perusing the back bar I noticed the Red Hook Rye. My other good buddy Casey has a bottle that he's told me about that is still unopened because he wants to be buried with it.

Dustin looked over the menu and ordered a Rosewater Rickey. We both watched the fireshow in amazement.

After some chitchat and a really hilarious conversation with some lady who was obsessed with our western shirts Jim Romdall asked who the hell we were.

I have been a fan of the bar since then and am really excited to join a staff that has produced such notable alumni as....

Zane Harris and Anu Apte left Vessel when the teamed up and bought their own bar. I highly recommend checking out Rob Roy

Andrew Bohrer brought cocktails to the eastside when he left to open Naga. I highly recomend checking out his latest endeavor Mistral Kitchen. Occasionally Zane and Andrew play with CHAINSAWS!

I am leaving some very talented people out of mention, but I'm not worried because they are now enjoying working for the aforementioned people.

Hope I see you on a Wednesday or a Friday hopefully soon.

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