Monday, September 29, 2008

18 holes in the kitchen.


By 18 holes i mean "playing a round"

So as I am having some free time at the pub, gastropub, I am getting to have access to some really fun stuff.

Today I melted down a half cup of white chocolate chips and added it to 2 cups of half and half then blended it wit a small amount of xantham gum. (On an aside I am happy to be working for someone I can call Chef Tough who helped me figure out most of these ideas tonight.) So I took that mix and loaded it into an ISI canister and applied a CO2 charge. I'll say it was delicious and the staff ended up just making espresso and topping it with the white cocoa whip. I'm trying to make up an espresso cocktail to use it with.

Later on I tackled our grenadine recipe and used one jar of pomegranate juice and simmered it with a half cup of sugar then added a small amount of sodium alginate and blended it down. The next step was some of the coolest shit I've seen. There is a contraption that we use to vacuum pack that if we put liquid in we can extract all of the air out of said liquid. The grenadine had the body to sink like I wanted and is very nice, If I do say so myself.

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