Monday, September 1, 2008

WSBG day 1 / Bowling!

We actually did it!

Yesterday was the first meting of the WSBG The founding members of the Washington State Bartenders Guild were: Andrew B., Andrew F., Anu, Casey, Charles, David, Erik, ,Keith, Kevin, Will, & Zane. The eleven (if you say it fast enough it sounds like Elvaan {I feel like a total geek and i'm playing ffxi} sat down and had a great discussion about what the objectives and hopes were for this group and there is a solid group the wants this to happen.

Eric Witsoe turned 40 and had an awesome rooftop BBQ where I had some delicious Champagne courtesy of someone named Dr. Hurt. After that the crew went bowling. I've ben bowling since i was 13 and damnit if I'm gonna bowl I wanted my gear. Put on the ol' wednesday night league shirt and grabbed my ball and shoes and met up with everyone at the Garage. My game is hella rusty but I did finish the first game with 4 strikes. It felt great to have a Turkey tenth again.

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Blair, aka Trader Tiki said...

Sounds like a damned fine list of people you've got there to start the WSBG off right.

Plus, bowling!