Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm supposed to enjoy mondays......

I'm really happy that I've built mondays into the night that its become. The fact I can have a full house at 10pm on monday is rad, but when its a room full of people I don't really know, that kinda scares me. When complete strangers are saying "I heard this, and this, and this." its kinda throws me off. Tonight was also a night where as I'm taking an order, two people wanted to close out and each split their tabs three ways, as the bottle I'm pouring from goes empty. This scenario happened more than once.

Whatever... I'm complaining about people spending money as the economy is crashing. I'm jaded to the worst of points.

The highlights were starting my day at 12:30 with a booze tasting and having some of the Dewar's Signature before work while my boss was there. Awesomeness. From there onto staff meeting and house cleaning. After that the entire staff went out for mexican food. rad.

So the low-lights were serving vodka hot toddies; take the common way to serve vodka, chilled and neat, and do a complete 180 and serve it warm with lemon and citrus............................ ya.
Also played around with 42 below honey vodka to no avail.

Early in the night some @$$ hole ended up breaking the wood on our 300 year old antique woodwork near the entrance and that was not a fun ordeal. He's gonna hate that bill.

We had plumbing issues earlier in the month and had a re-occurance tonight where I had to stay til 4am to find out we have a pour spout somehow lodged in the plumbing.


I have a meeting in a few hours where I am gonna have to fill the boss in on this and talk about website stuff for the WSBG.

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