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Imbibers 100

Imbibers One Hundred

Darcy O'Neil :: November 13, 2008 11:23 PM
While I was reading an article, by Stephen Beaumont, he linked to the “Omnivores 100”, which is a list of 100 foods the author of Very Good Taste thinks you should try at least once in your lifetime. Well, I thought it was such a good idea that I made one for “Imbibers”. This list isn’t all encompassing, nor is it a “good stuff only” list. There are a few things that may make you pause. In most cases the list is not brand specific, but for certain things it is, because of the world wide popularity. Feel free to participate, or not, but it is a good exercise to see what you are missing in life.

Remember, this is just a list of things you should try. I’m sure a few scotch addict’s, vodkaphiles and beeroholics will recommend a particular brand, but in most cases, this list is style specific, instead of brand specific. But please feel free to make recommendations.


1) Copy this list into your blog, with instructions.
2) Bold all the drinks you’ve imbibed.
3) Cross out any items that you won’t touch
4) Post a comment here and link to your results.

My compy2000 is being a brat and not bolding like it should so I'm going with a plus for that which I have tried, and a minus for that with I have not imbibed


If you don’t have a blog, just count the ones you’ve tried and post the number in the comments section.

List of Drinks You Must Try Before You Expire

+Manhattan Cocktail
-Kopi Luwak (Weasle Coffee)
+French / Swiss Absinthe
+Gin Martini
+Whole Milk
+Tequila (100% Agave)
+XO Cognac
-Spring Water (directly from the spring)
+Gin & Tonic
-Westvleteren 12 (Yellow Cap) Trappist Ale
-Chateau d’Yquem
+Maraschino Liqueur
+Grand Marnier
+Mai Tai (original)
+Ice Wine (Canadian)
+Red Bull
+Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
+Bubble Tea
+Islay Scotch
-Pusser’s Navy Rum
+++++Fernet Branca
+Fresh Pressed Apple Cider
-Australian Shiraz
-Buckley’s Cough Syrup
+Orange Bitters
+Margarita (classic recipe)
-Molasses & Milk
+Chimay Blue
-Wine of Pines
+Green Tea
-Daiginjo Sake
+Chai Tea
+Vodka (chilled, straight)
+Zombie (Beachcomber recipe)
+Barley Wine
-Brewed Choclate (Xocolatl)
+Pisco Sour
+Speyside Single Malt
-Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
+Champagne (Vintage)
+Rosé (French)
+White Zinfandel (Blush)
+Coconut Water
+Cafe au Lait
+Ice Tea
-Pedro Ximenez Sherry
+Vintage Port
+Hot Chocolate
+German Riesling
+Pina Colada
+El Dorado 15 Year Rum
-Greek Wine
+Rhum Agricole
-Palm Wine
-Ceylon Tea (High Grown)
+Belgian Lambic
-Mongolian Airag
-Doogh, Lassi or Ayran
-Sugarcane Juice
+Ramos Gin Fizz
+Singapore Sling
+Mint Julep
+Old Fashioned
+Jenever (Holland Gin)
+Chocolate Milkshake
-Traditional Italian Barolo
+Natural Sparkling Water
-Cuban Rum
+Asti Spumante
+Irish Whiskey
-Château Margaux
+Two Buck Chuck
+Rye Whisky
-German Weissbier
+Daiquiri (classic)

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