Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obligatory Product Reviews v1

First off, my apologies to Sobieskii vodka. I am not a paid spokesperson, and have never reviewed a product before, so here goes.

I dislike vodka. I very rarely drink it and order it even less. Granted it is the popular thing to dislike these days as far as being a bartender, but I had a three year stretch of nothing but vodka tonics, so I've just had enough. Sobieski was nice to send out a bottle and some schwag.

Sidebar to promotional campaigns:
If you are going to send T-shirts out you should try to find out what size would be worn. Not everyone will wear a 2XL.

"You could say we're the anti-vodka."
I wouldn't go that far. I had a conversation discussing the theory in brewing beer is to make the least offensive, most acceptable to the general public product in order to be successful and I think a similar theory can be applied to the vodka market. The most common response after forcing shots on my friends was "it tastes like vodka" That kinda summed it up for me. Sobieski is vodka flavored vodka. Very distinct flavor that doesn't have any harsh undertones. I am going to keep an eye out for it and will try to order it when I see it.

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