Saturday, November 22, 2008

This is an official post.

So last night before work I decided to have dinner at Union as its Keith from Moving at the speed of life's last weekend before moving on to the ghetto, and was asked, "So are the rumors true?"

I've decided to leave Spur.

I put my notice in last saturday and sunday the 30th of November will be my last day at the pub. I gave it a solid 4 months and have learned a ton about molecular mixology and have had to sell some of the most amazing food I've ever seen, but regrettably, it's just not the spot for me. I could go into details but (after realizing that there are a few readers out there) dirty laundry best not be aired on the interweb, besides, I firmly believe its one of the best new places in town.

I've just been working too much and need some time off. There have been countless times over the past 8 months(even before Spur I was working too much) where I haven't been able to do things I've really wanted to do. I still will be every Monday at Sun Liquor and covering an extra few shifts here and there. I'm big into facebook now and updating when I work so feel free to look me up and add me. I just want to take it easy over the holidays, Is that so bad???Plus after the cat came out of the bag due to This story broke about the WSBG I really want to spend some time in the treasurer role I'm in.

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