Friday, July 10, 2009

My mind just was blown.

So for those of you that just saw this blog at the bloggers seminar, welcome. I didn't know it was going to be up there but big thanks to Paul for including me. Remember everything he said about ACTUALLY reading these things and not mass emailing me with stuff. However, the part about sending two bottles and not the god damned airline bottles, I fully endorse.

So, I'm wearing one of my favorite t-shirts today which has "Shalom Y'all" and some hebrew on the front, and after leaving the Seminar saw Chris McMillian and wanted to say Hi. Turns out that this shirt is actually from NOLA. It was an old advertising campaign for one of the oldest Jewish business in this town. I'm wearing this shirt in the last official family picture before my brothers passing and its always been dear to me. It had always been a mystery to me about its origins and now knowing and learning about it from McMillian was rad.

I now have to decide between attending the fine art of tending bar seminar or guest bartending at a strip club.

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