Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tales post

So far, even being the cynic I am I just have to say this is he best vacation I could have asked for so far. My only disappointment has been the fact that my 650$ lanyard doesn't get me access to the swag room. Seriously WTF?!?!? Guess I just have to boost my media presence.

I've met a LOT of rad people and ran across some others I know so far. I got to meet and shake hands with Dale Degroff, Met David Wondrich, who was with Tito. Met Anne who is putting on Tales. One of the Fee Bros. Numerous others who I will remember later, sorry I can't name ya now.

Looking forward to the swag off tonight. I'm sorry this isn't more cohesive, but its fuckin tales and I been drinking since 2 days ago. Might have to learn to be a better blogger..... oh wait that is tomorrows seminar.

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