Friday, April 18, 2008

First day of work. (now with links!)

SO, yesterday was what I'm going to future refer to as day one of my tenure at the Sitting Room.

I went over squirrel stuff with my manager and was able to get my number which will give me one less thing to remember. proceeded to acclimate myself to the layout. for the first two hours I did well learning the minute differences, such as the pour spouts are quicker so I need to shorten my counts a bit, and they are very measured on their wines and have a glass I'm learning to measure up to. Also for the first two hours I made 95% of the drinks correctly. Granted it was mainly wines and goose&tonics but there were a few manhattans, cosmos, and bellinis thrown into the mix. I was cut at about two and a half hours in and proceeded to try a menu cocktail and the salumi while enjoying a chat with my new manager.

Left work and went to visit some old friends in the QA neighborhood. Went by Ozzie's and said hello to Darrick and let him know that i was now working one block away and would see him often. Left there and had fifteen minutes to kill before my bus so i went by Dick's for a hamburger and was received with a heroes welcome which was funny and I got to tell THIS KID that he wasn't working hard enough. Good Times.

Caught my bus and headed for The Market and went and watched Murray at the Zig Zag and achieved a personal goal. I ordered something that he looked up. Its a petulant thing but I am giddy.....
Went over and saw Casey at the Can Can and enjoyed another glass of the Willett Turned out there wasn't a price in the system so we guessed and parted ways.

After this night I decided to do something that I really wanted to do, so I went to Sun and got a glass of the Black Maple Hill and ended up consoling a friend who had just broken up with his gal. read the Murray link for this quote :

Q: Do people confess their sins to you?

A: That's one of the first things I learned as a bartender. Whatever a customer says to you must be considered like a confessional. You hear a lot of stuff about infidelity and money problems. Sometimes you think, gosh, I'm glad I'm not that person. It's made me slower to judge.

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