Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I bought my first bar today!


So at the auction I watched as people were paying ridiculous amounts for plates and glassware anything else that was left over and pretty much everything got priced out of my range. The welcome mat went for $475, the lanes went for $1k a piece, and I even knew the guy who bought the old karaoke speakers. I also noticed the guy who actually bought the actual bartop and surrounding wood for the screaming deal of 50$.

I immediately had an Idea. So later in the afternoon I went over and asked if he had plans for the bar and he said he was only interested in the locking liquor cabinets. The plan I had was if he has no plans, to see if my boss who just bought a house would like it for his recroom as a housewarmng present. The boss agreed pending approval of the misses, but I think this is gonna go down.

Granted the title of this post may be a little misleading, but I can honestly say that I bought the very first bar that I learned how to bartend at. The same bar that I had been a patron at for over 8 years. The same bar that I had too many good memories to remember and even more that I don't. The same bar that I ended up fired and 86'd from. I can't wait until that same bar is serving up good times again.

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