Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Food & Wine Cocktails 2008

I picked up a copy today and its chock full of great recipes.

As we're approaching Suns 2 year anniversary ( May 15th? ) I'm hoping that maybe next year our bar will be mentioned. I'm currently mocking up a potential cocktail list for the sitting room and I've been in a naming mood. So far i've come up with the following:

Ichimaru Gin
Quincy Cocktail

I got done with work@SR at midnight and headed to Sun for my roomie / barbacks birthday party and sure as schnitzel he was in top form. After he left the bar emptied out and I got to talk drinks with the boss and my offering was:

The Newjack
3.5 parts Applejack
.5 part Maraschino Liquor
2-3 dashes bitters

The boss's offering
The Summit Handshake (named this night of 5/6/8)
Equal Parts Applejack and Bombay Gin
light juice of half a lemon
dash of grenadine
dash of bitters

I get naming rights but i think his is better by far. the lemon plays with the aj and gin so well.

p.s. Official documentation has not been assured.

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