Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rosa Rojo

Rosa Roja

So yesterday being Cinco de Mayo I decided to do a Tequila infusion. Its based on 1937 infusion by Chuck Baker.

"Tequila por Mi Amante; Mexico City, 1937
This is a prepared beverage requiring patience and from three to four weeks.

Tequila, 1 pint
Ripe strawberries, 1 qt., cut in halves

Wash and stem the berries, put into an airtight jar or bottle, pour on enough tequila to cover. Shut tightly and stand for at least 21 days. Strain... This berry process extracts some of the raw taste, adds a rosy dawn touch. Our Mexican drinks it straight always. We opine that handled in the same way as sloe gin, discoveries would be made...."

Also inspired by a friend who was playing with rose petals, I threw a bunch into the mix hoping it will add colour. I'm going to check it in a week and see how its tasting.

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