Monday, May 19, 2008


So I'm on day two of five. The past few years or so I have had few set days and was always willing to pick up a shift if asked. So when asked a while back I agreed as always, but now I am actually realizing how much I am working behind the bar. 4 days is ideal for me I think. I have always worked dual jobs to keep me sane since I let a place work me 56 hours a week for a few months. I like the change of pace from working separate places.

So when I was hired at the new bar I was asked to cover this sunday while my owner went to Italy. this s the first time in forever that i have done 5 consecutive shifts in I don't know how long. I'm already tired. Fortunately i get the little break in the routine by working Monday at Sun.

Fortunately for me last night I was invited by a buddy to hang out with a few of his co-workers. Apparently it is common place for the employees at his bar to massage each other. Weird I know, but I am all for it now.

I'm trying to find the topic for MxMo and hope to have a post tomorrow.


Stevi Deter said...

I think the next MxMo is Bourbon, hosted at Sofflaw's Den.

Emily C. said... <--- MxMo schedule in case you hadn't found it yet