Monday, May 12, 2008



At Sun we have a house infused Black Tea Rum that is super quick and easy to Make. Simply steep your favorite black breakfast tea into a low bottle of silver rum and viola! Usually only requires 10-12 hours.

So we have been using it in a Sun Lemonade:

2oz. Black Tea Rum
1/2oz Simple Syrup
Juice of one Lemon
Combine in a tall glass and fill with soda or for a variation use ginger beer.


Colonel Tiki said...

Great post, Kevin! That Lack of Will sounds wonderful. I visited Sun this past January based on Murray's recommendation. I'm grateful he did. I did do a non-cool name-your-complicated drink (Navy Grog), but the Grapefruit looked So damn good I couldn't resist.


KL said...

Holy crap!

This is the first comment I have ever received and a positive one at that. I'm glad I've thrown my hat into the ring. Now if I can just figure out how to find your site......

Ouroboros said...

That looks tasty! The straight black tea here should mate well with the sugary notes in the rum.

I've played with infusing vodka with earl grey tea before to good result. It is a quick steep.

sfcrotty said...

This sounds fantastic. I've done tea-infused sweet vermouth, which can be used to make a great Manhattan.

BTW, love the blog name. A beer in the shower is one of life's simple, wonderful pleasures.