Friday, May 9, 2008

Impatience is not a virtue

So I sampled the rosa and deemed it worth showing off. 3 days seems ok. Although on the next attempt I plan on using Cazadores and truly giving it a week.

So I'm making Thursdays my "going out" night and last night went and tried a the namesake from Keith @ the Union. Its in the current issue of Imbibe. after that he made me a Silver Lining which was fantastic. Also got to witness him cut off a guy who was talking with sunglasses over his mouth. Let me remind you it was inside and night time.....

Tried to go have a seat at Zigzag but couldn't. I blame the 6 people sitting at the bar drinking a bottle of Champagne. Seriously get a table.

Next on to the Can Can where Pinwheel Bingo was happening. I may have to actually come down in time next time to participate. An ambassador from Plymouth was buying drinks so I had a delicious Corpse Reviver #2 which was made into a training exercise as Casey is training his barback. Gave a sample of the Rosa and it was deemed tasty. Was forced another Corn and oil, explained the Lack of Will, and went through a Green Point.

Also Bleach 91 rocked.

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