Friday, October 22, 2010


Sorry if I've been MIA as of late, so here's the skinny.

The lappy died again and so did my iPhone so I've been living in a backwater state of technilogical stupor ( think like the Appalachias of the interweb ). I got screwed over by a wine bar and have thankfully landed at another great little cocktail bar, so hopefully soon I'll be remedying all of my issues before the end of the year.

Monday the 25th of October is marking Vessels 4th anniversary and its gonna be a party with all the bartenders that have worked there behind the bar on the same evening running a menu with a special cocktail for the night. Jamie Boudreau, Jim Romdall, Andrew Bohrer, Zane Harris, Anu Apte, Keith Waldbauer, Michael Bertrand, and myself would love to see you. Here is my drink (picture to come soon)

Peychaud Flip
1 oz Peychaud's Bitters
.5 oz Plymouth Gin
.5 oz Cherry brandy
.75 Lemon
.25 Agave
Whole egg
Smacked mint on top