Friday, March 14, 2008

goodwhiskey night

so after working the pat 5 nights I decided to treat myself last night.

I decided to go and visit the people that I look up to in the bar world of the town I live in and simply ask their bourbon recommendation on something that I hadn't had. The solution was one word. Willett. I had never heard of this brand, hence it fit the description of what I was looking for.

I started the night at the bar of the undisputed "best bartender" in town. If you google playboy top 10 bartender, he's the coverboy. ( and upon his recommendation and my approval he poured me one shot, split two ways. half neat and half on the rocks. When sampling good liquors I like to do this because, A. I normally drink whisky on the rocks with a bit of water and B. it would be a disservice not to have it by itself. I highly recommend this when spending more than 15$ for a shot.

on a side note: The market was shut down due to a movie being shot starring Jennifer Anniston from what I was told and overheard.

After the whisky, I went down with the ship and stumbled over to bar #2 where an old friend was working at the new bar he gets one night a week in. This place has he best selection of bottles in town as far as I am concerned so it was fun to pose the same question to another fellow bartender. I ended up getting the same brand, but the single barrel casket. the first shot at the other bar was 94 proof and this was 126 proof and equally delicious.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three thing not to discuss loudly in bars:

#1 Sex.

You don't want to be the guy that is talking about that one time you did that unmentionable act to the girl(s) you met at the bar that one night..... just as the music stops. trust me, you are not getting laid that night by talking about it.

#2 Religion

Everyone was raised believing in something or nothing. Its not worth having a heated discussion at this point. you both have had at least had 2 to many and you are going to only piss off each other and everyone within earshot.

#3 Politics

With all the current coverage on this topic it is inevitable to not spend an hour drinking and not have someone tell you how great Obama is.
my opinion:

We as a society (U.S.) are facing a huge time historically. These are the 3 scenarios I see happening:

#1 McCain wins the presidency . The Majority of the U.S. is red and they may win on sheer numbers alone.
Pro's: the republican party has to deal with the publics outcry about the current war that wasn't necessary in the first place and end Iraq. It would be really unfair to lay all the blame about how horribly the pulling out of Iraq is going to be on a president that didn't put them there.
Cons: 4 moar republican years.

#2 Obama wins the presidency: The U.S makes reparations and elects a black president.
Pro's: I do feel he is the best candidate but not the best suited for the job. It is time that this happens. Same that it is time that a woman can be president. Our current gov't needs a huge shake-up. If his competition wins he should be happy to accept the VP bid.
Cons: i do not feel the same vice-versa.

#3 Hillary wins the presidency: BILL IS BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE!
Pro's: There is no one better fitted to being the title of first man than Bill Clinton.
Con's: Hillary is stuck with cleaning up the Iraq mess...... is that really a con?