Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Tuesday the new Friday?

Life is good. Maybe I'm just a bit excited to see the Trio tonight, but its ben a while since I've felt like this waking up. I'm not sure what possessed me to have 4 fernet,2 redstripes, 1 makers h2o and 1 jackalope between 1230 and closing but I think I was just excited to be sitting by myself at my favorite bar with one of my top three favorite bartenders in the world and chatting like we used to. Anyways now I need to take care of the laundry and everything else cleaning wise I've been putting off for the past week, Or maybe hit the shower and get the hell out of this mess.

Monday, July 28, 2008

A ball of mixed emotions.

Tonight was one of those nights that was super awesome and had equally defeating moments as well. My lower half is killing me. I wore the wrong shoes for a 13 hour shift. Next off day I'm going shopping. Since it was Sunday and parking is free I decided to drive only to be able to find no parking and having to pay because I was running late by that point.

Got to show off the new and Improved Whippersnapper and there will be some tweaking and we're shooting for when pears will be in season but the managers all seemed to approve. Also talked a little about the Coney Island but that will take some planning to fully develop. Ended up writing for a bit after work and came up with some lyrics I like. The business trusted me to close down the place and I made sure everything was clean, but I think I may have done something wrong with the books.

The bar that was up for sale is officially going to be sold and that is a great wide open. I want to give it a chance but I don't know how wise it would be to commit further than the transition period.

I'm now officially less than a week away from turning 30.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Creative Burst.

I have two ideas that I'm really excited about. One I revised the recipe for the Whippersnapper. Just need to figure out the syrup. Also I have an idea for a desert styled Long Island that I'm calling Coney Island Ice Cream. Gonna pitch em and post details later.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation Plans!

Me and three close friends will be in Las Vegas on Sept. 4th to see Motorhead. Be jealous.


Monday, July 21, 2008

MxMo : New Orleans

I'm sad I didn't make the rash decision to blow off work and go. I'm already planning on next year.

I debated on putting my preference of Sazerac up as my post but decided to go with the experimental recipe.

New Orleans Cocktail #25

So I'm into gaming and aside from online rpg's I am a huge madden fan. I remember playing it on PC before it was a console game. I am lucky in the fact that my older brother's best friend is involved in marketing for EA sports. I have gotten advanced copies in the past and I think I need to make a call. Pretty much my best team in the 08 edition was the New Orleans Saints. I became a big Reggie fan this year. They had a 3 back offense set that if you put #25 in lead tailback and Deuce at fullback was devastating. I'm rambling, to tie this all together I had been playing with St. Germain (gold) and Fernet Branca (black) in trying to make a NOLA cocktail. I was thinking Bourbon since Bourbon street is kinda famous. I tried these 3 together together and its deliciousness was familiar in a way..... A little later it clicked that it was basically Jaime's Cooper Cocktail from the Food & Wne Cocktails 2008. I met him earlier in the month at the bitter meeting and walked away with a batch of his Boker's bitters and decided to give him a nod and add half an eyer dropper of said bitters in he mix.

My phone broke so no picture and I tended to pour a bit heavier on the accents.

1 1/2 oz. Bourbon
1/2 oz. St Germain
1/2 oz, Fernet Branca
1/2 a dropper of Boker's bitters

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Digs.


So when I got to work I sat down with one of my owners and my manager and talked about things. I had stated something that was totally misconstrued. My blog until now had really only been shown to close friends and people that i know well, and while I use this blog to bitch about things that butt hurt me for that moment, My personal opinions are much more positive in person and those are fully true.. My ex told me yesterday that when googe-lng the name of the new spot several things pop up before the actual business website, I forgot to mention that, but I will next friday. I hadn't accepted that what people say online people take seriously IRL. Too much online gaming guess.

My highlight tonight was hearing from someone whose opinion I respect that I landed myself in an amazing spot. I'm giddy i get to work two nights a week there. I know I will make more this sunday covering at my main bar, but I actually would rather be working my first sunday at the new place. Next week I guess.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Bastardized Sazerac.

So I have been having some hard times helping people lately. One of my bars is changing ownership so that is going to be an intriguing development. Said bar is known for its Pomegranate Cosmopolitans. I had one guy who as far as I know has not been on QA ordering these all night long. I hate admitting it, but I make a damn mean cosmo, throw variations, like said pom cosmo, into the mix and occasionally you find the delicious.

So an aside that isn't an aside:

The Sazerac is in my top 3 favorite things to drink. Its a drink I use to gauge the person making me drinks. If they don't know what it is then I switch to makers and h2o. Hence ordering it from half the bars in town I have tried a wide array of flavors attested to this drink. I am not proud of what I am about to say......

I like a fucked up Sazerac.

If you use a sugarcube thats cool. I may just like two. Also use hella Peychaud bitters. I lie it shaken. Lord have mercy. when I make it at home my barspoon is MIA or dirty.

2-3oz. of Rye
1/4-1/2 of Simple syrup.
6-8 Dashed Peychaud Bitters
Just enough Absinthe to coat the bottom 50% of a frosted double rocks glass.


Also I am going to order the pom cosmo from the boss. I hate saying it but there is a certain % of our male clientele that are looking for vodka drinks and I think this one could do well there.

2oz. Vodka
1/2 oz Triple sec
Juice of one lime
1/2 Sun Grenadine

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Opinions are like Assholes. V.4. Thanks for calling me out on my mistake, p.s. go fukc a fat chick.

So two or three weeks back I covered an industry night at sun where there was a couple who were drinking stoli greyhounds all night and when receiving their check told me that they thought it was industry night and I went back in and voided their tab and re-rang it and they signed out and took off. Apparently I did it incorrectly and they were double charged. There was a note of it in the log and my boss ended up paying them out cash to settle everything. They have been in a few times since then and not mentioned it.

Tonight after working my 4th night in a row and being off at midnight I went by sun and after closing out and walking outside saw the guy who had been double charged and went to make sure everything was settled okay when he said some of the most annoying hsit I have heard in a while. This is my best attempt at all the stuff I could quote.

KL: Hey, how ya doin? Did everything get settled about that credit thing?
JA: Ya the other two bartenders took care of it
KL: okay good.... (as I light up a smoke.....)
JA: ( I can't recall what said leading up to this but his key point was the following ) I know you guys have XX amount in promo every night and i want to say if you want to be a better bartender you should have given me a free drink last time.


I walked away and decided to write about being a dick instead of being one.

First of all go fuck yourself. Second of all let me tell you how much of a fuck up you are. I have never had a conversation with you. Don't expect me to know where you work. If you actually work in industry you should know that errors with the credit system can cause major problems. Be nice about that.

As far as the promo, if you know about that the shut the hell up about it. Know we are given that XX amount in order to build clientele and not handle errors, also apparently your girl made no mention of the round of shots for the bar for her friends birthday that I picked up 5/8ths of that tab.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Common People.

One of my favorite things to throw on at the end of the night lately has been the song common people by Pulp. I offer the following comparison side by side:

vs. the original:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Spur soft launch scheduled this Friday!

So as of right now the first open to the public day for Spur Gastropub will be this Friday and I'll be behind the bar with David Nelson. Its going to be a huge learning day so it would be fun if some friends were there. My managers have decided I can give away one free drink and one free menu item this friday. So if you have come and gotten a drink from me in the past year or so then please come on in, check out the new space, and the first round is compliments of Spur that night.

And on the 8th day, There was Dragonforce! (O.a.A.v3)

So my last Sunday off was a blast. Myspace held a free show at El Corazon featuring Dragonforce! Yes, it was a metal sunday.

Me and friends arrived after getting stoop'd and even though a friend was watching the door it apparently was a professional event where we had to wait in line to get our wristbands before entering. Proceeded to the bar where my friend assured me he "didn't have to pay for drinks" so I figured I'd pay for shots and he'd cover beers. First round 2 PBR's and 2 shots of jack, repeated a second time the n the 3rd time a round of three shots. Between the 2nd and 3rd round outside I was introduced to the bartender where he assured me that we'd met before despite my recollection. On into the show which was amazing despite the crowd. I haven't been in a pit in a few years. After getting knocked around for a while I went back to the bar to close my tab.


I pondered for a moment.

If the Jack was 6 like i thought the 7 shots should have been 42. the PBRs were $2, and even though there were supposed to be none on my tab 5 would have brought it to 52. If the Jack was 7 then 7 would have been 49 and i was charged for 2 beers that weren't supposed to be there. Either way i didn't care ( it was a FREE DRAGONFORCE SHOW ) Just wanna say i thought I'd be paying less. I'll just drink down the street at the Mars Bar or in the alley behind the club (like I used to) from now on.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!

Subject: Thank you for your recipe submission! Re: Hick Tipple Recipe
Date: July 4, 2008 10:52:00 AM PDT

Thank you for submitting a recipe for the Achewood Cookbook II!

Remember, by submitting you give Achewood the right to publish your work, either in whole or with modifications, as determined by the Recipe Jury.


Those whose recipes are selected for inclusion in the book will be contacted by a member of the Achewood creative team or Achewood Board of Attorneys.

Best Regards,
Bi-Tor, The Recipe Robot

I'm waiting on my ex-roomate/singer/guitarist/hairdresser to show up so I can get a CUT, then off to Spur to help out. The open is one week away and there is a bit to do still. Also I got a message from my nephew and after browsing his mypace ran across this, which is frankly a bit awesome.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I wasn't happy that night.

So this was in my myspace inbox tonight, Name withheld:

i'm pretty sure that i owe you and the other bartender at sun a huge apology and this is probably the only way i'll get to do it so i'm sorry. for the record i know one of those girls only as an aquaintance and the other i see in like 2 year intervals. i didn't know she was a horrendous bitch like that. and i have no intention of talking to her ever again.

this isn't me trying to be able to go into sun or anything i understand why i'm 86'ed i just want you and the other bartender to know that i'm sorry and thanks for spitting in her face. seriously though, i was unaware until cale told me the other day (even though i was right there but i black out occasionally and that was a black out night). it made me feel a little better about the situation when i found that out. well done sir well done (thats not me being sarcastic either i am genuinely happy about it)
anywho sorry again :/

On the side note:
The Sitting Room changed the menu today and my Whippersnapper got renamed to the Pere Ricard. My first cocktail recipe to ever get press has been bastardized from me. I was not told this beforehand and am frankly a little perturbed.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Times

So I heard tonight from a fellow blogger that a reason he likes my blog is its personalness. I know thats not a word. I make stuff up sometimes. So i wanna write about how swell things have been the past week.

I think I have managed to set myself a schedule that will indulge my workaholic side and not drive me crazy. I am going to always do my Mondays at Sun Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Sitting Room and I was informed at the 9am meeting from hell that I am going to be scheduled Fridays and Sundays at Spur Gastropub

So other then workking 74 hours last week the following cool things happened:
There was working thursday at Sun and the whole previous post about Eric Seed from Haus Alpenz LLC. I covered y first Friday at the Sitting Room and met a bunch of my co-workers regulars. Saturday was typically slow for a pride weekend on QA. Then on the 7th day, He rested.

Sunday was the Bitters Meeting.
I got good response for my first recipe and I'm looking forward to the next idea. I managed to walk away with an assortment of a dozen bitters from the good people at the meeting. Afterwords some of the group went for dinner at Smith After hat went home for a bit and settled into the 4th disc of BECK: Monglolian Chop Squad. About 10pm I left and had plan to meet up with a friend who ditched me for his lady but went to 611 and had a Pearadactyl from Justin. Went to Union and proceeded to get housed at Union. I'm surprised I made it to the 9am meeting from hell. i don't remember everything I had but it was all excellent. I am sold on the bar menu linguine.

Other stuff that has been cool is I'm trying to play more FFXI, I got Beat Crusaders P.O.A. and popdod arriving soon. Sorry folks, I got the last copy on Amazon. Beck disc 3 should arrive tomorrow and I can't wait.