Friday, March 14, 2008

goodwhiskey night

so after working the pat 5 nights I decided to treat myself last night.

I decided to go and visit the people that I look up to in the bar world of the town I live in and simply ask their bourbon recommendation on something that I hadn't had. The solution was one word. Willett. I had never heard of this brand, hence it fit the description of what I was looking for.

I started the night at the bar of the undisputed "best bartender" in town. If you google playboy top 10 bartender, he's the coverboy. ( and upon his recommendation and my approval he poured me one shot, split two ways. half neat and half on the rocks. When sampling good liquors I like to do this because, A. I normally drink whisky on the rocks with a bit of water and B. it would be a disservice not to have it by itself. I highly recommend this when spending more than 15$ for a shot.

on a side note: The market was shut down due to a movie being shot starring Jennifer Anniston from what I was told and overheard.

After the whisky, I went down with the ship and stumbled over to bar #2 where an old friend was working at the new bar he gets one night a week in. This place has he best selection of bottles in town as far as I am concerned so it was fun to pose the same question to another fellow bartender. I ended up getting the same brand, but the single barrel casket. the first shot at the other bar was 94 proof and this was 126 proof and equally delicious.

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