Saturday, December 5, 2009

My computer's back and yer gonna be in trouble.... hey na, hey na.......

Official MxMo post:

Monday December 14th, I will be hosting this months roundup, and as a longtime participant, i feel honored. I will have one roundup posted on Monday Dec. 14th and add late additions by the following Wednesday. Please Email submissions to Kevin.Langmack[at]gmail[dot}com with MxMo in the header.

I pitched it to Paul Clarke a bit back after the "When your 401k turns" post and we we're slated to go in November, but my Mac was still out for the count. Sorry the November MxMo didn't happen.

Money Drinks.

So there are a couple of interpretations I have thought about and would like to see.

I feel a "Money" drink is something you can put in front of anyone, regardless of tastes or distastes about the spirits involved. Come up with a drink or a list based on spirits about drinks that would appeal to anyone. example: turning someone onto a Corpse Reviver #2 when they like lemon drops.

For those of us with access to top shelf spirits, Make an upscale twist on a classic. To quote an email from Paul,

"Along with what you mentioned, I'm thinking it could include stuff along the lines of "there are some drinks that really prompt you to break out the good stuff", including ways people upgrade drinks for special occasions -- having old friends over, birthday drinks, etc, for example mixing your regular Sazerac, but breaking out the Red Hook Rye and the Jade Edouard absinthe for a Sazerac capable of breaking the sound barrier." - the only rule to this one is you actually have to make it -

I would also like to hear stories about top notch drinks that people have had from good bartenders and what convinced you to try that first premium drink.

Any other interpretations are valid and have fun. Happy Repeal day


Pantagruel said...

Ah, "Money" drinks. I misread Paul's post at Cocktail Chronicles and thought it was "Monkey" drinks and was, in my confused state, anxiously awaiting your announcement post to figure out what you meant. "Money" makes more sense, I've think I've got one that could work... but I was kinda looking forward to "Monkey;" who doesn't love a monkey?

Tiare said...

Hahaha..monkey drinks - that was fun!


Pantagruel said...

Ok, here's my entry, the Vieux Gras with Foie Gras-Infused Cognac:

Thanks for hosting!

pavel said...

Hi! My name is Pavel (or netname - scomorokh). I am from Ukraine. I am owner of Science Of Drink blog.

You invent so interesting theme of this MxMo. I hope your Mac is ok :) and I hope I am in :)

My post -

Thanks for hosting. Sincerely yours - Pavel aka scomorokh.

frederic said...

This is Frederic from Cocktail Virgin and here is our entry (I will email you as well):


Who is Felicia? said...

Thanks for hosting! I emailed you my post link but I'm leaving it here, too, just in case. Bummer about the monkeys. I have a great recipe for a Bananas Foster Martini.

Tiare said...

Hi Kevin! here`s my entry just in case:



The Opinionated Alchemist said...

Hi Kevin,

Dominik MJ - the opinionated alchemist...
This is kinda difficult topic - hope I nailed it with my post...
Well - it is Tuesday early-early morning in Dubai - hope this is still in time...

Check it out on:

And please excuse the picture and the stupid maraschino cherry!

BartenderOne said...

Heya, Gavin here from Toronto with our local

all of our recipes are up on

We've got a few including but not limited to KFC Sazerac, Crown XR Manhattan with JT's Decanter Bitters and Amarena cherries + 4 more.

Thanks for hosting!


RumDood said...

Got mine up:

pc said...

Something's wrong with Blogspot's time stamp -- it says I'm running late. You should ask them about that.

Dr. Bamboo said...

Whoops- forgot to leave the link here: