Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can't sleep, update time.

I worked the past 4 nights, forgot to have dinner last night , and so I went out and had a Deluxe NY steak and baked potato for lunch today.. which led to me napping til 8pm. I haven't had a decent sleep schedule lately.

So Update stuffs...

I will be attending Tales this year and am looking forward to it very much. There is too much to want to go to, but I think I'll be happy with my selections of seminars and tastings. Had dinner last wednesday courtesy of Bacardi, where Willy(ie?) Ramos was there answering any questions about rum and Bacardi in specific. It was a pleasure to see him go head to head with everyone at that table. Some mouths were bigger than others. I have been asked to be a part of the new venture that will be Tavern Law and am looking forward to working down the street from my good friend Casey at Barrio whom I met up with at zig zag tonight before heading to the Irish house for what developed into an evening of gambling on bar touch screen games. Really fun times.

The Ginger kid is stlll in the works.

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