Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mailbag time! Food and Wind Cocktails '09

Tonight was pretty much a 9, the extra 1 would have been if I wasn't sleeping alone again with the pooch.

Today in the mail at work was the new edition of Food and Wine Cocktails for the 2009 year. I am extremely proud to say that Sun Liquor was named in the best 100 bars in the country. ( I love how this is my follow-up to a rant about bullshit reviews. )

Joining that barstaff has been the best thing in a while to ever happen to me personally and professionally.

Personal aside:

June 1st marked the 4th anniversary of my brother Steve being killed in action in Iraq. After his passing I turned to the bottle pretty hard, subsequently I lost 2 jobs, couldn't handle a relationship, and my music career wasn't the same passion it once was.

I am thinking tonight I may be feeling a bit like my old self.

Back to work:

Tonight I had a friend in town from San Diego who brought a ton of friends and kept happy hour lively. I saw a ton of old faces tonight, not that they are old, but I saw some people I hadn't seen in a few years. During this time someone who for the sake of argument I will label "Bartending Friend #1" henceforth referred to #1, bring in one of his employees during happy hour and enjoyed our patio. I had hung out not too long ago with said employee at someone who will referred to as "Bartender #2"s 30th birthday party. #1 had already closed out when #2 showed up, but re-opened his tab with beers and shots. A few rounds of drinks went back and forth and hopefully a good time was had by all. A bit later #2 gave his girl a piggyback ride down the street. Said employee had already closed out #1's tab and left #1 in a heated discussion with my roomate who I also work with at job #2. #`1 was talking about how knowing recipes does not constitute being a good bartender. I fully agree. "How many Margarita's can you make in 5 minutes???"

Personal aside #2

Me and the roomie have come to fisticuffs in the past and tonight was the first time I saw that same fire in his eyes directed at someone else and I'm glad nothing happened. #1 was talking as much trash as he was talking sense but was a pleasure to watch and be on the other side of the stick ( you did tell me the importance of the bartender being the most sober person in the room. ) and..... although he was trying to make a point of how much he had taught me, I will reiterate we have never worked behind the same bar. I hold him in the upper echelon of people I have learned from while sitting at a bar, but the first people to ever teach me anything about working behind a good bar were Erik and Will from Sun.

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