Monday, October 6, 2008

And to think, I didn't want to get out of bed today....

I woke up hurting after last nights escapades. I missed the huge cocktail event that I should have gone to only to nap on and off and generally refuse to leave my couch and the online world of Vana'diel, Then having a few too many at last call at the bar. I was a tad late to the WSBG meeting and found out that Jon Santer of Martin Miller's Gin was in attendance. I also fond out later that this guy was involved in the SFBG, Bourbon and Branch and also is currently at Beretta. He listened in on the meeting and gave some great insight and advice. I don't know when I moved up from the last kid usually picked for kickball, but I've gotten associated and had the pleasure to meet with some really great people this year.

On the Molecular Mixology aspect......
My take on an obscure drink.

Bella, Bella

I have 3 books that list it and they are all different. I have read the books of several different bars and found even more different recipes. So in using the general consensus of ingredients the Bella, Bella listed here fits my general proportions. I want to have all the ingredients except the limoncello mixed and strained into a fancy glass and then cap it with a limoncello foam.

I wanna call it the Bella, Bella, Bella.
In the experiment tonight I tried turning a commercial brand limoncello into a foam. I only tried out one cup. Way to small an amount for the isi I later deemed. Added methecellulose and egg white powder but the foam died after 3 minutes. More experimentation. Also we are going to do a batch of our own limoncello.

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