Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Working. A lot.

I should have taken a photo, but I didn't. I should have more than a camera phone, but I don't. Damn you AT&T.

I've been making a ton of egg drinks lately as they are available in the kitchen and having fun with fire! The misto is badass. Loaded with Stroh and Agnostura goodness. So I did gin, lime, simple, and rhubarb bitters along with an egg white and used the hand blender to whip. In a pint glass I muddled a little cucumber and added ice and then the whipped blend. A vigorous shaking later and strained into a cocktail glass, I scorched the top of the drink with the misto. I need to nail down the proportions but I think the Rhub Gimlet is a winner.

I also got to watch the manager go on a creative spree and whip up falernum, pimiento dram, and cinnamon tintcures. I have the next two days off, but I'm looking forward to having some new toys to play with this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, on friday I'll be behind the bar with Zane Harris from Vessel which is going to be a fun time for sure.

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