Monday, March 23, 2009


About a month ago I remembered I had a bottle of neutral grain stashed away and I decided to start up a batch of bitters of some sorts... Like most things I do it was not planned out ahead of time. I made a trek down to the market and pondered the selection at Tenzing Momo, knowing only I wanted something that sounded funny.

Bam.... Sassafras

Walked out with a dried ounce and at home added it to four liquid ounces of neutral grain spirits in a mason jar. I left it alone aside from a general shaking every so often for a month. During that month I decided on how I would finish the process and decided to stick with using molasses like I did for the batch of Broken Hibiscus Bitters.

Molasses + Sassafras =


Strain the liquid from the mason jar mixture several times through cheesecloth to remove as much debris as possible. In a separate container add one ounce of full flavor molasses to seven ounces of boiling water, as to fully disolve the molasses. Combine molasses mix and sassafras mix together to finish. This recipe made just enough to fill an empty mid-sized Agnostura bottle.

Now just to find a good use for it.

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