Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Broken Hibiscus Bitters

So there is apparently a group of the better bartenders in town all getting together at the end of the month to swap bitters recipes. I have never even attempted making my own bitters before but upon the encouragement of the boss I whipped something that I hope will work. I had a failed attempt at a hibiscus infused vodka about a week ago which left me with 4 oz. of dried hibiscus that I am trying to use on this.

4 oz. of dried hibiscus ( I put mine in loose leaf tea bags ) soaked in regular proof vodka ( I used monarch ) for 2 hours then rinsed at the end.
Place this dried hibiscus in a container with one fifth of 100 proof vodka ( I again used the monarch brand )
1oz dried juniper berries
1oz dried cloves
1oz rainbow peppercorns
1oz almond extract
1oz vanilla extract
rind of one valencia orange

I am currently letting it stand for 2 weeks and will post an update later. I pray this works.

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