Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Opinions are like Assholes. V.4. Thanks for calling me out on my mistake, p.s. go fukc a fat chick.

So two or three weeks back I covered an industry night at sun where there was a couple who were drinking stoli greyhounds all night and when receiving their check told me that they thought it was industry night and I went back in and voided their tab and re-rang it and they signed out and took off. Apparently I did it incorrectly and they were double charged. There was a note of it in the log and my boss ended up paying them out cash to settle everything. They have been in a few times since then and not mentioned it.

Tonight after working my 4th night in a row and being off at midnight I went by sun and after closing out and walking outside saw the guy who had been double charged and went to make sure everything was settled okay when he said some of the most annoying hsit I have heard in a while. This is my best attempt at all the stuff I could quote.

KL: Hey, how ya doin? Did everything get settled about that credit thing?
JA: Ya the other two bartenders took care of it
KL: okay good.... (as I light up a smoke.....)
JA: ( I can't recall what said leading up to this but his key point was the following ) I know you guys have XX amount in promo every night and i want to say if you want to be a better bartender you should have given me a free drink last time.


I walked away and decided to write about being a dick instead of being one.

First of all go fuck yourself. Second of all let me tell you how much of a fuck up you are. I have never had a conversation with you. Don't expect me to know where you work. If you actually work in industry you should know that errors with the credit system can cause major problems. Be nice about that.

As far as the promo, if you know about that the shut the hell up about it. Know we are given that XX amount in order to build clientele and not handle errors, also apparently your girl made no mention of the round of shots for the bar for her friends birthday that I picked up 5/8ths of that tab.

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