Monday, July 7, 2008

And on the 8th day, There was Dragonforce! (O.a.A.v3)

So my last Sunday off was a blast. Myspace held a free show at El Corazon featuring Dragonforce! Yes, it was a metal sunday.

Me and friends arrived after getting stoop'd and even though a friend was watching the door it apparently was a professional event where we had to wait in line to get our wristbands before entering. Proceeded to the bar where my friend assured me he "didn't have to pay for drinks" so I figured I'd pay for shots and he'd cover beers. First round 2 PBR's and 2 shots of jack, repeated a second time the n the 3rd time a round of three shots. Between the 2nd and 3rd round outside I was introduced to the bartender where he assured me that we'd met before despite my recollection. On into the show which was amazing despite the crowd. I haven't been in a pit in a few years. After getting knocked around for a while I went back to the bar to close my tab.


I pondered for a moment.

If the Jack was 6 like i thought the 7 shots should have been 42. the PBRs were $2, and even though there were supposed to be none on my tab 5 would have brought it to 52. If the Jack was 7 then 7 would have been 49 and i was charged for 2 beers that weren't supposed to be there. Either way i didn't care ( it was a FREE DRAGONFORCE SHOW ) Just wanna say i thought I'd be paying less. I'll just drink down the street at the Mars Bar or in the alley behind the club (like I used to) from now on.

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