Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I wasn't happy that night.

So this was in my myspace inbox tonight, Name withheld:

i'm pretty sure that i owe you and the other bartender at sun a huge apology and this is probably the only way i'll get to do it so i'm sorry. for the record i know one of those girls only as an aquaintance and the other i see in like 2 year intervals. i didn't know she was a horrendous bitch like that. and i have no intention of talking to her ever again.

this isn't me trying to be able to go into sun or anything i understand why i'm 86'ed i just want you and the other bartender to know that i'm sorry and thanks for spitting in her face. seriously though, i was unaware until cale told me the other day (even though i was right there but i black out occasionally and that was a black out night). it made me feel a little better about the situation when i found that out. well done sir well done (thats not me being sarcastic either i am genuinely happy about it)
anywho sorry again :/

On the side note:
The Sitting Room changed the menu today and my Whippersnapper got renamed to the Pere Ricard. My first cocktail recipe to ever get press has been bastardized from me. I was not told this beforehand and am frankly a little perturbed.

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