Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Digs.


So when I got to work I sat down with one of my owners and my manager and talked about things. I had stated something that was totally misconstrued. My blog until now had really only been shown to close friends and people that i know well, and while I use this blog to bitch about things that butt hurt me for that moment, My personal opinions are much more positive in person and those are fully true.. My ex told me yesterday that when googe-lng the name of the new spot several things pop up before the actual business website, I forgot to mention that, but I will next friday. I hadn't accepted that what people say online people take seriously IRL. Too much online gaming guess.

My highlight tonight was hearing from someone whose opinion I respect that I landed myself in an amazing spot. I'm giddy i get to work two nights a week there. I know I will make more this sunday covering at my main bar, but I actually would rather be working my first sunday at the new place. Next week I guess.

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