Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Times

So I heard tonight from a fellow blogger that a reason he likes my blog is its personalness. I know thats not a word. I make stuff up sometimes. So i wanna write about how swell things have been the past week.

I think I have managed to set myself a schedule that will indulge my workaholic side and not drive me crazy. I am going to always do my Mondays at Sun Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Sitting Room and I was informed at the 9am meeting from hell that I am going to be scheduled Fridays and Sundays at Spur Gastropub

So other then workking 74 hours last week the following cool things happened:
There was working thursday at Sun and the whole previous post about Eric Seed from Haus Alpenz LLC. I covered y first Friday at the Sitting Room and met a bunch of my co-workers regulars. Saturday was typically slow for a pride weekend on QA. Then on the 7th day, He rested.

Sunday was the Bitters Meeting.
I got good response for my first recipe and I'm looking forward to the next idea. I managed to walk away with an assortment of a dozen bitters from the good people at the meeting. Afterwords some of the group went for dinner at Smith After hat went home for a bit and settled into the 4th disc of BECK: Monglolian Chop Squad. About 10pm I left and had plan to meet up with a friend who ditched me for his lady but went to 611 and had a Pearadactyl from Justin. Went to Union and proceeded to get housed at Union. I'm surprised I made it to the 9am meeting from hell. i don't remember everything I had but it was all excellent. I am sold on the bar menu linguine.

Other stuff that has been cool is I'm trying to play more FFXI, I got Beat Crusaders P.O.A. and popdod arriving soon. Sorry folks, I got the last copy on Amazon. Beck disc 3 should arrive tomorrow and I can't wait.

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