Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gawd I miss old Ballard.

Effing tied one one yesterday.

I used to live in Ballard circa 01 to 06 and also worked there for a long time and although I rarely get out there anymore, I still love that part of town. Yesterdays excursion was a journey to hang with my old roomate and meet up for our old tradition of the BBC. BBC stands for Ballard, Beer and Chili.

Mike's Chili Parlor has been serving it up for over a hundred years and is the spot where me and my ex roomie/bestfriend get together to hang out and reconnect. The Geoffmon is one of the more intelligent people I know. I can sit down with him and spew out all the crazy shit I've been up to and catch up with all his masters program studies in racial topics in the USA and we can both seem like scholars in our respected fields.

After a BIG ASS BOWL of chili we ventured onward to Sambar. I mistakenly had thought forever that it as called Sandbar and now feel like an idiot. That place is one of the coolest, coziest bar i've been in. Michael was in Sun on monday and I wanted to repay the visit. the drinks were topnotch and as soon as I can find a date i'll be back.

From there we went down market street and I was a little heartbroken as we passed 1420 and the ol' bowling alley was fenced off and decrepit as hell. The day I walk by and see it no longer standing will be a sad one. I had 2 CD's i've been wanting to purchase, so we went to Sonic Boom and grabbed the last copies of The Airborn Toxic Event and American Steel. I'll agree with the Tank (despite him owing me ten bucks) and say its the punk rock record of the year.

After that me and the G went to our favorite best kept secret in Ballard and went to the Fu Kun Wu, which we always have called the fuckin' wu. The yohimbe drinks were tasty and we got to go downstairs and check out the opium den which is their private downstairs space. We don't know the reason for it yet, but we want to hold a cocktail event down there. ( I'm gonna think G's masters celebration. ) At the Wu we had a very serious conversation about one of our friends who is currently behind bars (not like I am behind bars, he's in for 9 counts of B&E) and we need to go up to Bellingham and visit him. He's a Kevin too.

Next stop was the Bal-Mar which Sun has a deadbeat connection with. Mr. Staley also won Sun's halloween costume contest for portraying Walter from the Big Lebowski which is one of my favorite movies of all time. He wasn't working apparently but Joey was rad and made some great drinks. By this point in time I don't remember what they were.

I ended up back on the hill at the Saint slamming drinks before I went home with a twelver. So when I woke up and did the usual where is my sh*t routine and while looking for my keys I checked the door and found the roomie's keys still in the handle. Glad I wasn't the only one last night. p.s. I can't find my phone again.

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