Friday, August 8, 2008


I just wanna say that last night was sorta epic, Actually the whole day was kinda awesome

I needed to see a guy about a thing and since he was near the sodo I had to meet him at Hooverville. Its been a long time since i went to a bar I had never been in before, let alone heard of, and I really took a liking to this place. They didn't seem to have any neighborhood to rely on for clientele but here was a constant flow of people swinging in and they had a great bottle selection to say the least. I had a shot (againtst my better judgement for that time of day) of the black maple hill for eleven clams. The decor and layout reminded me of several bars I used to love to hang out in so in a weird twist of fate I felt like home in a place I've never been before. Oh yeah, the whole reason I was out was a buddy had an interview for a bar manager position and I hope he gets that.

After that we went to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. The Deluxe is within walking distance and they have 2 pool tables that are usually not in use. I think I am going to use pool to fill the bowling hole in my soul. They have some awesome brews on tap and good bottles so I've been there the past 3 days with no explanation. Oh yeah, burgers. Thats why.

So after the pool we decided to actually "go out". Drunkenly deciding to make it a western shirt night was a bad idea. Granted the two shirts were similar, but something had to be going on for totally random strangers to walk up to me and decide to comment on it. The first place we stopped by the Dunnes for some cherry bombs, and Andrew, the guy I took my class 12 with asked us how was the sale at the western wear store. Drink shots and make a hasty exit through the side door.......

So with great weather, the city of Seattle at our feet, and looking for adventure I decided to finally go to a place I had been avoiding. I had heard all the past reviews of pretentiousness and stayed away, but after meeting one of their guys as a customer at my new place I wanted to go in. I am truly impressed with VESSEL

I literally just poked my head in the door and wanted to see if there was two seats next to each other at the bar and the bartender politely asked two beautiful ladies if they would be willing to move down a seat so we could sit down. After seating I asked the bartender to put their drinks on my tab. A quick perusal of the selection I saw something I have heard about in legend and went for it. I'm sorry Seattle, but I finished their supply of Red Hook Rye. I cant remember the name of the drink my friend had but it involved macerated cherries and a flaming misto which I have read about but never actually seen that show. It was extremely awesome but didn't take the gold that night. Solid silver.

From there went to the friends current place of work and had a glass of Bulleit cause they were out of Makers like everyone else in town. After the biggest Jagerbomb I've had since the bowling alley closed, we went right around the corner to the Zigzag and I had 2 delicious drinks then on to the Can where outside, Casey literally fell down laughing about the western shirts. I ]m not sure about why but after killing my first diamondback I called out for The Show. I wanna learn that shit. It looks freaking awesome. Tasty as fiery hell and gold medal all the way.

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