Monday, August 25, 2008

T.W.I.B. - This week in bartending

Back again.

TWIB #4 : The Bulleit Dinner

As I'm sipping on a Bulleit and h2o I wanna give the highlights without giving away the whole scoop. Things went better then expected. Mr. Bulleit himself is a venerable ol' gentleman and I was happy to meet him and have pictures taken afterwards. Dave put together an incredible program that paired cocktails with a 7 course meal and all were top notch. There is expected to be a nice write up in several placeas and I'll post them when I see em.

It was supposed to be my day off so as soon as possible I got out of there and tried to catch up on my usual thursday and went to the Zigzag and asked Murray to make me anything not using Bulleit which got one of the biggest laughs that I've ever gotten from him. Unexpectedly, Keith sat down next to me sporting a sleek new summertime / p.o.w. camp haircut and we finally got to talk about the idea of the Washington bartenders guild at length. We bonced ideas off of Murray and Eric for a bit (aside: I heard Eric broke his arm and I want to wish him a speedy recovery and want to say the guy who gets to cover his shifts is one lucky son of a bitch. We talked a bit about my upcoming Vegas trip to see Motorhead and discussed what concerts were worth traveling to see. Get well soon.) and I am hoping they will want to be a part. There's a lot to do in prep but I want to help get the guild off the ground. I'm going to Oregon for a few days this week and am looking forward to picking Jeffery Morganthaler's mind for advice. That and I want some Everclear

TWIB #5: I quit and didn't throw a fit.


I never want to see a ticket like this again. Yes, it says "Light on vodka". they deserve a punch in the ear.

My last night at the Sitting Room was slow as hell and it justified my decision. I will miss everyone there and wish em the best. ( I just mt'd beat and contemplated leaving it.) I ended the night by discounting a shot of the Remy XO and quickly making a beeline to Sun. There I ran into the girl for the first O.A.A. segment only to find out that her Grandmother had passed away. Turns out her Grandma was my Grandma's bestfriend and someone I had known all my life. I felt very small and like a very big asshole at the same time.

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