Friday, August 15, 2008

How did I miss this?

So I just went through and cleaned out my inbox and found this overlooked gem from my Ma. I remember who Floyd is. He brought a fifth of scotch to my parents 40th anniversary a few years back when I was living back at home. I remember drinking that bottle and finding a like for Muirhead scotch

From: "ELDA" <****.**********>
Date: June 25, 2008 7:46:59 PM PDT
To: <*************>
Subject: Funny Story !!!

I've got a funny story to tell you, in response to your e-mail about your son making the newspaper with his new drink. I thought it sounded so good for a summer drink. Wine gets a little heavy in the summer. I went over to Ocean Shores this past weekend and my girlfriend and I decided to make the "Whippersnapper." Well, she didn't have martini glasses so she pulled out two beer schooners filled with ice. I didn't know how many shots of Absolute Pear to use in the shaker for those two big glasses so she said probably "four shots," which would be eight shots for two schooners. We pureed the pears, made the simple syrup and added several "dashes" of anisette. I shook it up and poured into the iced glasses. Well......we were breathing fire!!! I told her not to light a cigarette! Oh, man! We laughed so hard and were snockered by noon! Whoo-hoo! We kept adding ice and eventually the drink became what I'm sure it's supposed to be. We loved it, but will have to "tone it down a bit!" Isn't that funny?

First, we were improvising because she didn't have martini glasses, secondly, she didn't have a shaker so we used a wine carafe that had a top, thirdly, we didn't have a bartender strainer so the pulp was also in the drink. In fact, we didn't have a bartender! That's what we really needed. You'll have to tell Kevin. I'm sure he'll shutter at the thought! We loved the drink, though, after it was watered down a bit (or, a lot!)

Now that I'm home I'll try it again with a little more restraint! haha If nothing else it was a fun day! Neither of us got sick or had a hangover so that's good.

Effing awesome.

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