Monday, August 18, 2008

My new sundays.

So when I got the new job I had already been scheduled for a few sundays that they were more then happy to accommodate me as well as my manager covering and giving me my birthday off. Go, go run on sentences! Basically out of the 31 days we've been open, and the five sundays so far I've worked I've only done one. Aside from sept 7th I'll be at the pub every sunday, and if sundays are like this from here on out i'm stoked

A while back I was lent the Ritz Paris book from Casey and found it absolutely amazing.

I honestly love it when people leave their drink decisions to me and give me a set of parameters based on their liking. It gives my interests in the field of craft bartending solid validation.

Today when I showed up, the chefs showed me Catmint for the first time. My mind started racing....

The Kittycat Julep:
1 sprig Catmint
1/2 oz Catdaddy
2 dashes Fee Bros. Whiskey Barrel bitters
Muddle sprig, Moonshine, and bitters in a pint glass, fill said pintglass with Ice and add 2 oz. bourbon. (I used Bulliet)
Shake vigorously
In a separate pint muddle the hell out of some bare ice.
Strain mix into rocks glass and add crushed/muddled or shave ice to glass.
Garnish with a sprig of Catmint.

I sold a few of the kitties tonight and was very happy about it, considering it was a first time recipe. I was more happy about the group of five around midnight that trusted me with there selections and only had one drink deemed unhappy with. Two rounds of five and one return. I batted .900.

Also I had Jim and Zane from VESSEL come in tonight and play bartenders choice and that was quite an effing thrill. I made them an American Beauty, a varied Jersey Sour and the Lack of Will.

I'm feeling good and validated after tonight.

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