Thursday, August 14, 2008

T.W.I.B. - This week in bartending

I'm not gonna lie, I see some really funny things spending all the time I do behind the bar, and decided to pay homage to my favorite part of a rain delay and start a new blog segment detailing some hilarities.

Also I'm kicking myself for missing the local flavors segment of MxMo. The pub prides itself on using local and naturally organic ingredients so I should have had something stellar all lined up, but all I've been doing is drinking and sleeping, occasionally interrupted by times of awesomeness interspersed with some rock and roll.

TWIB Notes #1

They were actually really nice.

So there was a pair who was obviously at odds over something drinking at the bar. She is all dolled up and the dude is standoffish as all hell. The visual I can't fully describe here is the lady had obviously had a boobjob or two at sometime in her life. She is in a low low cut top sitting across from the guy doing every motion except landing a plane or touching her elbows together behind her back to fully grab his attention while he sat there arms crossed.

The drink order doesn't change the entire time they are there and after the 2nd drink I decide to see if this guy can just loosen up. I start pouring a touch heavier for the next round. After using the lavatory, he settles in next to her and is no longer across the table. Progress. They moved on to cuddling after the next drink, to making out during the next round, to me contemplating to ask my server to request the lady keeps her hands out of the gentleman's lap when she dropped of the last round. Certain parts of the job I really love.

TWIB Notes #2

The Chocolate Martini

So a guy who I had seen once or twice over the past few months had a seat and orders a Hendricks Martini and strikes up a conversation about Gin. He inquires about recommendations and I tell him as much as I can about the uprising of micro-distilleries popping up in the northwest and had a debate over my feelings that drier london gins work better with olives and the more flavor heavy gins work better with a twist, or in Hendricks case a cucumber.He is soon joined by two ladies and the first one asks me if we have cranberry juice.

*momentary look of confusion*

Um... yes, yes we do.

Can I have a cranberry vodka?

*thinks people need to learn how to order by stating liquor first then mixer*
*makes drink*

Oh! can I have a lime???

*Next time order a Cape Cod for chrissakes!*

The other lady asks if we can do a Chocolate Martini , but can you make it kinda creamy? I decided to step it up a notch. I also thought about making her a Brandy Alexander to see if she'd notice, but went creative. I also made this later in the week for one of my cooks who graduated culinary school and decided to name it for her in her honor. I've made this lately with both strawberries and blueberries and both are tasty

The Chocolate Lily:

1oz. fresh seasonal fruit muddled in 1/4 oz. 40's style heavy whipping cream
1.5 oz vodka
1.5 oz godiva chocolate liqueur
Use a peeler to flake bakers chocolate on top.

Insert sexy picture here when I buy a camera.

TWIB Notes #3

Long promised visit.

I had the awesome pleasure of serving the best bartender I've ever met and his ladyfriend this week. I mean I served them this week, not she's his ladyfriend this week. Damn you grammar! One Negroni, one Corpse reviver #2 ( we both admitted we had no clue about the #1) and one Blood and Sand variation using rum ( i went with the Flor de Cana 7 ) and Sun Liquors' own house infused cherry brandy, garnished with one of the infusion pit-in cherries. Staying with going against the grain I served it neat in a chilled rocks glass instead of up. I also rocked the Juno

Sun and Sand:

Juice of half an orange
1 oz. Flor de Cana 7 year
3/4 oz. Cherried Brandy
1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth ( I didn't use Cinzano but would have )
Served in a frosted rocks glass with a brandied cherry

Insert sexy picture here when I buy a camera.

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