Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm close to sensory overload. / Is Bartending the new Comedy?

I've finished the entire BECK : Mongolian Chop Squad saga and I fully will show it off to ANYONE interested.I have merch and the soundtrack. This is what I'm talking about!

Geek aside a and cocktail specific I'm plannng on using Mr. Budreaux's bacon infusion idea and trying it with applejack. I'm gonna look for some apple smoked bacon, oh yeah. I'll be working a Bulleit dinner later in the month that is looking innovative. I got contacted by a PR company promoting Dr. Mixologist He better be good. That's a big title. I have liked and used the Cocktail Specialist moniker in the past. I know I put Dr. in my myspace name and that is more of a Jekyl and Hyde reference. People like Dr. Dre and Dr. Folds use the title because they are a master of the crafts they persued but didn't actually go to college. The vodka drinks look nice but I would have made the McCain Julep much more red. If I get the chance when I go to NY I wanna see this guy.

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