Wednesday, March 17, 2010

File under Anecdotes, pt 13.

I've been playing a ton of Final Fantasy XIII and listening to Kanye. I'll be taking no days off til my spaceship takes off.

Sunday after daylight savings we had a huge POS system faelure and I had to stay until 4 am on the phone with the tech and after a long process of "type this in the run line, that's gonna send a data pack to our server. It'll take about 10 minutes.... have you heard about the evil conspiracies from the Bush administration?" We figured everything out. I made one mistake. I set the AM/PM incorrectly which affected the next day a weird way where when we punched out it was the 18th.

Ladies and gentlemen according to our POS we have achieved Time Travel.

Couldn't get accurate reports so I just dropped everything in the safe and am awaiting to see how this shakes out.

Also if anyone is getting married in the Seattle area my mother is trying to revive her bridal tailoring business.

She taught me business dealing at an early age when she convinced me to get a haircut by buying me Final Fantasy III/VI and giving me a day off from school.

While I still have high hopes for the party business resurrecting itself I'm getting real bored. One can only read so many books and play so many games of solitaire.
Recently I've been asked by some old friends to handle some sewing projects and it occurs to me that I have talents other than dealing Blackjack.
For those of you that don't know of my deep dark past - Before I started coordinating Fantasy Casino parties I had a great sewing business for about 15 years while the boys were all at home. As they got older it got a little difficult having naked ladies wandering through the house and I was ready to move on to other things.
So, if you choose to accept your mission, tuck this email away in your save file and feel free to pass it along to anyone you know who has children of marriageable age.
It appears that formal wedding dresses have the same issues they had 20 years ago and I have this incredible talent for fitting them.
This is an informational email. I check it every couple of days. If you need to make or change an appointment, please call me.

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