Friday, March 12, 2010

File under Anecdotes, pt 9.

The bartender needs advice.

I have a customer that I like a lot that I'm worrying about. Customer made a bad impression initially with us because of constantly ordering doubles which we're kind of in the mindset of instead of a double why not enjoy two freshly made cocktails. If a customer orders a double we oblige. However after investigation I learned customer works for a medical trauma unit for a local hospital and works 12 hour days and lives 2 blocks away. After two doubles I have heard stories such as the reason he quit the Los Angeles department is that when his district was between Compton and East LA, a memo went out that everyone must wear Kevlar vests while on duty. Customer being well over 6 foot and 250 lbs and had to have modified gear that didn't allow him to properly give CPR. So he moved to our safe little borough. Thing is I saw him this week at another local bar and when I went to say Hi he didn't recognize me. Apparently a friend he had helped through detox is relapsing and I saw the texts as they went unintelligible. I'm planning on a chat, but I don't know where to start....

I know this is a downer, but just remember for all the fun of bartending you will run into situations like this. As a training exercise think what you would say to someone who has been fired on Christmas eve and their wife left them for their best friend and they just want a few drinks to not worry about it. I know that sounds unfathomable, but I know someone who had to do just that. You need to stay in control and keep them safe.

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